PS3 Platinum Club: The Last Of Us – trophy tips for the day after tomorrow


After 20 years of humanity-decimating infection, we set off on an epic journey across America to protect our precious cargo and recover any surviving silverware. With just 24 PS3 trophies, The Last Of Us is light on awards, but Naughty Dog has taken this approach so you can soak up the atmosphere without too many immersion-breaking ‘plings’.

Platinum Club – The Last Of Us trophy guide

For your first playthrough, pick any difficulty and enjoy the story, but also be sure to grab as many collectibles as you can. There are 141 in total, and although most can be nabbed while looking around, a few are especially tricky. Some Firefly pendants hang from trees or lampposts and need to be shot down, and in chapter nine there are artefacts in your rucksack that have to be individually examined to register as being collected. Getting them all unlocks Scavenger, as well as the individual awards for each collectible type.

mr Trophy iain wilsonWatch out for optional conversations, triggered by pressing Triangle when you see a speech bubble prompt, as these are easily missed and you need to engage in all 37 for I Want To Talk About It. In chapters four and five, listen for Ellie preparing to tell some jokes, then interact for a barrage of groan-worthy puns – survive all five rounds of these for That’s All I Got, the only secret trophy in the game.

With the story completed you can jump straight into Survivor +, thanks to a handy time-saving glitch. Start New Game Plus and complete the prologue, then quit and use chapter select to return to Hometown. Choose Survivor difficulty and you’ll actually be on Survivor + (with all your skills and upgrades carried over, making life a little easier) ready to net The Last Of Us – Survivor +, along with any remaining completion trophies at the end of your second playthrough.

With a minimum of two playthroughs and a huge
online slog required, you’re looking at investing
at least 50 hours to complete the set

Last but by no means least is multiplayer, where you need to complete both the Firefly and Hunter Journeys. Each spans 12 weeks in-game, resulting in an eye-watering 84 matches for each faction. Worse still, at various points you have to complete challenges over three matches to beat missions – those marked ‘100% risk to clan’ should ring alarm bells, as if you fail these completely you lose all your progress and go back to day one (you can avoid this outcome by quitting to the XMB and reloading for another attempt).

Keep your clan alive through both online journeys and the final trophy, along with the It Can’t Be For Nothing platinum, will pop up at the end of the campaign. With a minimum of two playthroughs and a huge online slog required, you’re looking at investing at least 50 hours to complete the set, but it’s a worthwhile endeavour to earn a platinum that any trophy collector would be proud to own.