Official PlayStation Magazine’s PS4 FAQ – what do you want to know?

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How big’s the PlayStation 4′s hard drive? Can you change it? What happens to your PSN account? All this and more answered in our comprehensive PS4 FAQ.

Official PlayStation Magazine’s PS4 FAQ

How big is the hard drive, and will there be different sizes and models available?

At launch there will be a 500 GB PS4 model available. It also includes a wireless DualShock 4 Controller, mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable and an USB cable.

Can you replace and upgrade the hard drive?

As with PS3, you’ll be able to replace the PS4′s hard drive if you want to upgrade your storage capacity.

Will my Sony Entertainment Network account carry over?

Your existing PSN account will carry over to PS4, and you’ll likely have the option to display your PSN ID or your real name on your profile.

Will my PlayStation Plus subscription carry over?

All PlayStation Plus subscriptions will cover PS3, PS Vita and PS4 at no additional cost. Subscribers will receive Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition for free at launch, followed by one free PS4 game each month – indie titles Don’t Starve, Outlast and Secret Ponchos have already been lined up for the service.

Will I have to pay a subscription fee to play games online?

A PlayStation Plus subscription will be required to play PS4 games online, with the exception of free-to-play games and MMOs – publishers can choose to waive the requirement for these titles. DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution have all confirmed they won’t require players to have PlayStation Plus.

What new network features will there be on PS4?

The PS4′s network will have a more social focus, enabling you to talk to friends using the long-awaited cross-game chat, and to broadcast live video of your gameplay. With PlayGo you can start playing digital games after only downloading part of them, and a companion PlayStation App will let you buy PS4 titles and remotely download them to your console.

What network features can I use without PlayStation Plus?

In addition to free-to-play games and MMOs, PS4 will still have free access to media services such as Netflix, and features like cross-game chat without a subscription. Social features and automatic updates will also be available to all PS4 users without charge.

Can I play my existing PS3 games on the console?

As PlayStation 4 has a completely new system architecture, PS3 games won’t be compatible and no downloads will carry over. However, Sony plans to use the cloud-based Gaikai service to stream PS3 games to PS4.

Can I download or import PS4 games from other regions?

Every PS4 game released on disc will also be available as a day-one digital download, although these weigh in at up to 50GB. PS4 will also be region-free, so discs from anywhere in the world will be compatible.

Will PS4 have an ‘always on’ internet connection?

PS4 doesn’t require an internet connection and games will still work when it’s offline. However, when connected the console will automatically download updates and patches in the background, even when in standby mode.

Can I trade in and buy used PS4 games?

Sony is not imposing any DRM restrictions on disc-based PS4 games, meaning you can still trade in and buy them second-hand from the same outlets as before. It’s possible that third-party developers could apply restrictions to online play – similar to this generation’s Online Pass scheme – but this is looking unlikely.

Can I lend my PS4 games to other people?

As there are no DRM restrictions on disc-based PS4 games, you can lend them to others – who can then play them on their systems at no cost.

How can I use my PS Vita with my PS4?

Remote Play is built into the new console at system level, meaning all PS4 games can use Remote Play via PS Vita and played over Wi-Fi (as long as they don’t use the camera. Some games will also utilise the PS Vita as a second screen for companion apps.

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