Photos emerge comparing budget Vita’s LCD screen to the full-price OLED model

You’d have thought the words ‘PlayStation Vita’ would have gone unspoken like some ancient language in the run up to PS4′s release, but not so – in addition to a truckload of exciting indie games and a price cut, the Sony handheld’s also being released as a slimmer ‘Vita 2000′ budget model with an LCD screen. And this, reader, is how that LCD screen looks next to its fancier OLED brother.

PS Vita’s LCD screen

You can think Twitter user Hiro_1998 for the photos, which do show a visible quality drop in the LCD screen – as you’ expect, really. Elsewhere it looks sturdy and comfortable, though. Look at those rounded edges:

Sony hasn’t announced anything for the Vita 2000 in Europe, but it’s hitting stores in Japan on October 10th, priced at  ¥18980 yen (about £120).