PlanetSide 2 on PS4 “the same as on PC, but with maxed out settings” say Sony

PlanetSide 2 developers, Sony Online Entertainment, say that the PS4 version of their MMOFPS will be “the same as it is on PC, but with maxed out settings”. The free-to-play title is being carefully crafted to deliver the most optimised experience on console on a par with those mega-expensive PC rigs filled with even more expensive graphics cards.

PlanetSide 2 on PS4  ”the same as PC”

PlanetSide 2’s creative director, Matthew Higby filled us in on the bonuses of working with PS4, “It’s very exciting because with regular PC games we have to do so much to make sure that it runs on every single type of different hardware. Whereas on PS4, we can work towards specific PS4 hardware and it makes our job a lot easier”. Higby goes on: “PS4 is a pretty amazing machine. It has a tremendous amount of processing power. So we’re really confident about running PlanetSide 2 on it and it looking awesome.

Seems pretty clear we’re going to get the best of the best out of PlanetSide 2 then, eh?

We were also clued in on what differences to expect between the PC and PS4. Basically, the UI (read: User Interface or menus) will be more console friendly for easier navigation with a DualShock 4. And the free fortnightly updates of new content on PC – from guns and outfits to new maps – will still be rolled out with the same frequency, but likely a week behind on PS4 due to an extra level of QA within Sony’s PlayStation Store.

In summary, PlanetSide 2 on PS4 will be an uncompromised experience. Thousands of people can battle anywhere across a huge map with vehicles, classes such as Infiltrators and Medics and enough guns and explosions to make a Michael Bay film blush. And all this is for free.