Deep Down is PS4 exclusive, trailers suggest Dark Souls meets Assassin’s Creed

Capcom has announced that Deep Down will be a PS4 exclusive and apparently be set in 2094 New York despite all the dragons and armour. It’s also firmly clarified that it’s nothing to do with Dragon’s Dogma.

Deep Down is PS4 exclusive, set in 2094 New York

The set up for the game seems to revolve around people with an ability to see memories by touching artifacts and thus relive past events. That explains why it’s set in New York in the year 2094 even though the only gameplay seen so far is a very Dragons’s Dogma/Dark Souls monster hunting.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono explained that the Panta Rhei engine powering the game is being developed with SCEE engineers and will, “autiomaticaly generates maps, monsters and weapons”. You can see the Panta Rhei engine in action on PS4 here.

Thanks VG247, CVG