Sony announce cheaper PS Vita 2000 – first video & details

[Update: Sony has announced PS Vita TV, a television version of the console that plays Vita & PSP games and Remote Plays PS4 content.] 

Sony has announced a new PS Vita 2000: a cheaper, smaller version of the handheld using an LCD screen to cut costs and which comes with a 1GB memory card. A new 64GB card has also been announced along with lower prices overall for storage.

Sony announce cheaper PS Vita 2000 – first video & details

The new Vita will be 20% thinner and 15% lighter and have one hours extra battery life thanks to the new LCD screen (six hours gaming is the claim from Sony). While the new screen won’t be as sharp as the OLED model Sony say the, “jumps and leaps in LCD displays” mean this will still be “best in class”. It’s also less energy demanding hence the longer battery life and cheaper to produce.

PS Vita 2000

It’s also good news on the memory card front. While the new model comes with a 1GB card Sony are dropping prices across the range (by about 40%) and adding a new 64GB entry. Considering Killzone Mercenary came with a 1.2GB day one patch, bringing the total game up to 4.5GB, better storage solutions are all good.

The new Vita 2000 is set to launch in about a month on October 10 and will cost ¥18980 yen (about £120). Sony say it’s, “a more casual and easier to use model because we want it to be used by a broader range of customers”. I’ll let you know as soon as there’s any word on a UK price or date.