Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted to maximise its potential on PS4


Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrilege on the altar of PlayStation for the very last time and never deserves to play another misbehaving mutt masterpiece. Whoah. Put down the flaming dentist tools.

I’m not courting the contrary side of The Force just to send your haemoglobin levels through the roof, honest. It’s merely because I love The Last Of Us so much that I want Naughty Dog to favour nurturing incredible new IPs over going back to the well of Nate.

I love The Last Of Us so much that I
want Naughty Dog to favour incredible
new IPs over going back to Nate

Uncharted 3 is a wonderfully paced, stupidly exciting shooter. Yet I’d much rather play Joel and Ellie’s bracing trip down Apocalypse Alley. Bolder, braver, better; The Last Of Us demonstrates what master craftsmen the talented folk at the Santa Monica-based studio are when creating completely compelling new worlds. And I’m desperate for more.

joel_ellie_hiding_the_last_of_us_610That ‘new’ part is crucial, though. Look back at the history of Naughty Dog and you’ll see the biggest breakthroughs for the developer, both technically and creatively, came when it stepped away from an existing franchise and took a chance with a fresh idea. Had creative director Amy Hennig and co decided to stick with a green-eyebrowed elf and irritating Ottsel rather than pursue a project initially titled Big, you’d be stuck with Jak And Daxter 6 over Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and the PS3-defining franchise the dreamy rogue launched.

The Last Of Us’ world is breathlessly believable (aside from all the monsters that look like homicidal Portobello mushrooms) because its developer had such a passion for forging a fresh world. Now imagine it pouring that passion into a sci-fi thriller, a detective mystery or even a period open-world game on PS4. When you’re so damn good at creating new settings and narratives, why limit yourself to a formula you’ve already perfected? New visions breathe life into the industry, and there’s no better studio at revitalising itself with new IPs than Naughty Dog. So roll on a super exciting Team Nate sci-fi.