inFamous on PS Vita apparently outed by Second Son director

inFamous Second Son gamescom PS4 screens

Sucker PunchesNate Fox seems to have accidentally outed a PS Vita version of inFamous in a fumbled interview that ends with the cold, distant stare of a man who knows he’s messed up as he mentions, “only talking about the PS4 game,” and how he’d love “to tell you about any Vita related titles”.

inFamous coming to PS Vita

The interview occurred with DualShockers TV. When asked about a Vita version of the game Fox seems to get confused and says: “Right now we’re only talking about the PS4 game. I’d love to tell you about any Vita related titles when, or if, the time comes”. He then immediately stares into the middle distance apparently considering what he’s just done.

Thanks VG247.