8 new indie games heading to PS4 – the creative side of PlayStation 4


Rogue Legacy

What it is it?
A side scrolling Rogue-like RPG that’s part Spelunky and part Dark Souls.
What’s it about?
It’s procedurally generated adventure (much like Spelunky) where you’ll die loads. Apart from the game being different each time you play, the interesting twist is that when you do kark it (and you will) all your gold is passed on to your heir to try again. So there’s a ongoing progression behind a constant cycle of death and restarting. When you begin a new game you’ll also choose from three randomly generated characters – your descendants – who have a range of traits, not all of which are overly usefully. Colour blindness for example means you’ll play the next run in black and white. It’ll hit PS4 sometime next year.