PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy tips for Metro: Last Light

Stocked up with military-grade ammo and strapped behind a life-saving gas mask, we head into what remains of Moscow to hunt down some post-apocalyptic trophies. And mutants, lots of mutants. None of Metro: Last Light’s accolades are overly tough, but a number of them require careful planning and execution over a minimum of two playthroughs to complete the set.

Platinum Club – Metro: Last Light trophy guide

For your first run you should take a stealthy non-lethal approach, as for Shadow Ranger you need to finish the entire game without killing a single human, except for the guy with the flamethrower in the final level. It sounds daunting but you can drop the difficulty without penalty (we won’t tell), then just knock out or – even better – avoid any humans you meet. This restriction doesn’t apply to mutants, so blast any Watchmen you like. Maniacal laughter: optional.

mr Trophy iain wilsonThe other aim of this first playthrough is gaining enough moral points to receive a ‘good’ ending. Although the moral system is hidden, overhearing conversations and helping out other characters will boost your rating. Take this approach and you should earn Redemption at the finale.

There are several different types of collectible to track down, such as the 43 hidden diary pages for Published and killing at least one enemy with each of the 20 weapons to unlock Gunslinger, but these can be gathered over several runs and completed using chapter select if necessary. Conversely, playing all 17 instruments for Musician or disarming ten traps to get Ever Vigilant must be done in one playthrough, so a guide is highly recommended to ensure your trophy cabinet doesn’t go bare.

Once you’ve taken care of that, your second run is the time to switch things around and go weapons-free with mass mutant murder. Dispatch every enemy you encounter and you should rack up the 100 human kills for Soldier easily enough. Be wary that the description for Shadow is misleading, because you need to stealthily kill 15 enemies in a row to unlock it – so remember to factor in a section where you don’t go all guns blazing.

During this playthrough you’re trying
to get the ‘bad’ ending, so make sure
you kill both of the main villains

During this playthrough you’re trying to get the ‘bad’ ending, so make sure you kill both of the main villains, along with the enemies that surrender at various points. Ignore the Dark One’s instructions by eliminating any foes it tells you to spare and generally behaving like a nasty piece of work, and you’ll receive the somewhat less desirable conclusion for C’est La Vie.

By now you should have taken care of most of the awards. Any outstanding ones can be mopped up by using chapter select to revisit the relevant sections until the imaginatively titled Platinum Trophy joins your collection.