Need For Speed Rivals PS4 Gamescom info – new customisation & undercover cop class

Need For Speed ps4

New Need for Speed: Rivals info has emerged from Gamescom including a return to massive levels of customisation, a ‘Speedlist’ progression system where you can effectively gamble your XP and and a new undercover cop class.

Need For Speed Rivals PS4 Gamescom info

The customisation options are fairly self explanatory and return the series back to its PS2 days of endless colour and decal tweaking. The new career options involve something called the Speedlist – a collection of objectives that can include things like drifts and other driving challenges.

Need For Speed rivals PS4

Each player will have different Speedlists so they can play together and still advance regardless of personal progress. Completing objectives on your Speedlist earns you Speed Points which can be banked between missions or held over to earn more, at the risk of loosing it all.

As well as a new undercover cop class some of the in-game gadgets and abilities were shown off with things like EMPs and air support being used to interfere with rivals.