How PS4 tech could shake up stealth games forever – touch controls, second screens, access to your Facebook…


You’ll be able to AR your way out of a pickle

Remember the days of Snake blowing cigarette smoke to spot and dodge those nasty laser tripwires in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty? Well how about doing it yourself, minus the lung damage. The PS Camera’s heightened sensitivity and fidelity, and PS Vita’s Remote Play/Second stream options have endless┬ápossibilities. Imagine using Vita as to get an alternate view on your location or act as a scanner (think┬áspecial vision modes transfered from the main game to Sony’s handheld. More on that in a bit). Or what about the camera making you extra hidden if you hunch up a bit on the sofa. AR features should finally breakthrough into the mainstream. Just don’t blame us if you break a vase or two tip-toeing through a minefield in your living-room.