New Batman: Arkham Origins screens confirm the Batcave is in!

[Update: new Batman Arkham Origins screens feature Firefly]

New Batman Arkham Origins screens confirm that a real, full-sized batcave will make an appearance in the prequel being developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal.

Batman: Arkham Origins screens – the Batcave is in!

The latest info suggests that this is a full version of the batcave, accessible via the classic waterfall, rather than the mini-emergency one in Arkham Asylum. There’s mention of vehicles and trophies from previous cases – including a newspaper clipping about the Red Hood for fans who know what that is. It’s also somewhere in Batman Arkham Origins to access alternate costumes, upgrade gear and try challenge maps.

Warner Brother‘s recently annouced full details of Batman Arkham Origin’s multiplayer, a 3 on 3 on 2 online mode that sees a Joker and Bane themed gang battling to control maps while Batman and Robin take them bothon.

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