10 reasons PS4 will beat PS3 from day one – prepare to want one even more


You can say farewell, latency…

Latency. Defined as “the state of being latent”. Latent meaning, basically, sleepy. Dormant. Slow. What your PS3 will seem like compared to PS4. There are many things that set PS4 apart from all other consoles before it (and likely for some time after) but we’ll wager it’s speed is set to be one of the crucial differentiators. From the PS4 architecture that has dedicated chips handling downloads and uploads in the background of your playing and PS Store perusing, to the near-zero latency of the new digital buttons on the redesigned Dualshock 4 and, not least, the vastly reduced and improved travel on those gorgeous new analogue sticks: the new PlayStation is ready to come out of the next-gen gate like Usain Bolt. If he was a console. And could prepare his next meal as he was running a race.