PS4 & PS Vita bundle due end of the year, $500 price point mentioned

A “well placed anonymous source” claims a PS4 and PS Vita bundle is on the way for the end of the year with mention of a $500 price. It’s unclear whether that will be at launch or not.

PS4 & PS Vita bundle due end of the year?

That’s pretty much the end of the information so take it with a pinch of the usual. It seems likely though given the near compulsory nature of PS Vita / PS4 Remote Play being pushed by Sony.

The $500 price point is $100 up on the US PS4 price of $399, with Vita retailing for around $199 dollars separately. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say you’d be looking at around a £425 for a UK version if it happens.

Thanks Videogamer.