Rubin on varying Call Of Duty’s gameplay: “You can’t change the rules too much”

Call Of Duty Ghosts E3 screens

Call Of Duty Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin has spoken about the series’ progression, saying the studio is, “a little bit more conservative,” in terms of, “jump[ing] onto the tech bandwagon”. He also compared the franchise to a sport adding, “you can’t change the rules too much”.

Rubin on COD: ”You can’t change the rules”

Speaking about the possibilities of next-gen tech and the potential changes it could bring beyond graphics he replied: “Part of that is going to be a ‘wait and see’ obviously, I think. To be honest the first launch of next gen titles is sort of like that awkward first date you know it’s sort of not really sure where it is going to go”. As far as Infinity Ward‘s take on what PS4 could bring, Rubin outlined a cautious approach to new ideas and technology. “So you know, as a company in general, we don’t want to jump onto the tech bandwagon too early. We’re a little bit more conservative with that kind of thing. There is some cool new tech, but some of it we can’t talk about because we are not talking multiplayer yet”.

While the studio is looking at new ideas and technology Rubin admits, “some of it we are looking at and might include in this version of the game, we may hold off on it until it has matured more for future titles”. Of the series in general he also added “I don’t think we have been hindered by tech”.

When it comes to broader changes to the series’ gameplay or other mechanics Rubin likened Call Of Duty to a sport: “You watch sports every year, but if you changed the rules dramatically of a sport every year who would watch that? I don’t think you would have as many people watching the sport. Like if soccer/football were all the sudden to switch from ‘OK you can’t use your feet, you have to use your hands’ Who’d watch that really?”

“You can’t change the rules too much
you have to sort of live within the
boundaries that you created”

“You can’t change the rules too much, you have to sort of live within the boundaries that you created for yourself,” he explains. “Other games can do that. They can do and go try out other new features and that’s totally cool because as a gamer I like to play a lot of games. So I’ll go out and play that open-ended open-world type game and I love it.” For COD, in the time being, Rubin says, “I think we sort of stay with what we have perfected – that sort of cinematic immersive experience. We are going to stick with that”.

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