New PS4 hardware & menu shots revealed as FCC filing suggest an early release date

Sony has released new shots of both PS4 and it’s new menu. At the same time the console has passed through FCC filing, the US overning body for all transmitting devices. That’s something that’s happened far sooner than it did for PS3, suggesting we could be seeing a release date much earlier in the year.

New PS4 menu shots, FCC filing suggests early release date

A debug PS4 went through FCC filing the other week. The new hardware shots are as you’d expect although shot of the PS4, Vita, phone and tablet do paint a happy picture of next-gen gaming involving more than just your console. There are some mobile PSN interface shots as here as well showing a look at the PlayStation app that will let you buy and download stuff on the move.

Thanks PushSquare, Gematsu