Driveclub dev “aiming for 60 frames per second” but “happy with 30″

Speaking exclusively to OPM UK, Driveclub‘s art director Alex Perkins describes the push and pull between the devs at Evolution Studios to keep the game’s frame rate at 60 while also throwing in as many next-gen graphical effects as possible. 1080p 60 isn’t a given, he explains.

Driveclub’s PS4 frame rate

“There is a hell of a lot going on,” Perkins responds when asked if the team’s aiming for a firm 60 frames per second in the final version. “Increased visual fidelity does cost, there’s no argument about it. The PlayStation 4 is very capable of doing both but we’ve gone for a fully dynamic environment, so you can go any time of day, anywhere on the planet, and it’ll calculate the atmospheric density, whether you’re up the top of a mountain or at sea level.”

The game engine not only models these minute factors, but models them in incredible detail, and that puts strain on even the mighty PS4, Perkins continues: “So while we are aiming for sixty, there is always the chance that we’ll never quite reach there.”

“If I had my way, I’d rather have more stuff going on at a prettier level and a lower frame rate, but that’s where the arguments start. The coders would rather have a higher frame rate, and put less stuff in. So it comes down to Col [Rodgers, game director]‘s decision in the long run. Personally I’m quite happy with a 30 frames a second game, as long as it’s rock solid at thirty, and being an art director I want it to look beautiful.”

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