Angry Birds Star Wars is heading to PS3 and Vita later this year

Be still your beating, ornothologically inclined hearts – the best-selling Angry-Birds-does-Star-Wars shtick is getting not only a PS Vita release, but a full-blown boxed copy for PS3, too. Sounds like it’ll set you back more than £0.69, then.

Angry Birds Star Wars comes to PS3 and PS Vita

Both formats will get the remastered version of Rovio’s chart-topping swipe ‘em up this October 29th. As its trailer demonstrates in no uncertain terms, it’s the Angry Birds formula we all know and – tolerate, I guess? – replete with copious nods to George Lucas’ sci-fi universe.

“Complete with new levels, features and platform-unique design elements,” Activision says, the boxed copy games will be priced at around £10, if the PC version’s listing on Game is anything to go by.