Sony on PS4, “a strong install base is very important” but PS3 “is here for some time to come”

Sony’s Computer Entertainment VP Feral Gara has said it’s important PS4 ensures a strong early install base, but also insists the PS3 still has some life in it despite a lack of 2014 games.

Sony on PS4 and PS3

“Achieving a strong install base is always very, very important in a console’s life”, explains Gara. “And we’ll be as focused, if not more focused, on that this time versus any previous generation, in particular starting with an attractive price-point that’s going to help us on that journey. So we’re delighted we’re looking in good shape on that front”.

“In terms of the life of the PS3, I think
it’s there for some time to come”

With reports of pre-orders selling out it obviously looks good for PS4 but what about PS3? “In terms of the life of the PS3, I think it’s there for some time to come, I think it’s got an amazing line-up of games this year which is really healthy. I also think we’ll see a different phasing of success emerge this year from PS3 versus PS4. So you know I would expect it to fade a little more quickly in the UK which is a highly networked country with a huge taste in new tech.”

While the PS3 might be replaced quickly in territories with more voracious gadget appetites (the “early-adopter market” says to Gara) the SCE UK boss thinks other areas will see more of a slow burn transition. Gara talks of countries where, “connectivity isn’t quite as strong and the uptake of PS3 was relatively slow”. In these markets he says the PS3, “hasn’t even necessarily peaked”. As an example of what to expect in these ares Gara points to the PlayStation 2. “I’m sure you’re aware we’ve only just stopped production of PS2, so there was some demand in some countries until extremely recently”.

For those hanging on to their PS3s things look good, at least for this year. “We’ve got big games announced for this year, and you will be hearing from publishers that lots more of their big, big titles are coming to PS3 this year”. Gara highlight names like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, FIFA 14, Beyond and GT6, stating, “there is huge choice for the PS3 owner available this year”, and, perhaps a little over optimistically, “or even the PS3 entrant”. That said while he’s bullish on 2013 he does admit 2014′s another story. “For next year, firstparty or thirdparty, very little has been announced, so it’s unclear. However, it’s unlikely it’ll all stop dead given how much is coming this year. So, we all need more clarification on next year: this year looks great”.