Sony tweets mysterious ‘When Worlds Collide’ poster. Internet explodes

Update: Turns out it’s a new Ratchet & Clank game on PS3 called Into The Nexus.

“When worlds collide heroes return” – that’s the updated version of the pic Sony posted via twitter earlier today.


Sony also included Insomniac Games in the tweet. That can only mean one thing: Half Life 3! Wait, no. Definitely not that. But something exciting! That image looks a lot like the portals from the Ratchet & Clank games. Heroes. Plural. Insomniac Games…

Yep, definitely Half Life 3.

Original story: Ooh, what could this PlayStation tweet mean? Are we about to get the long-awaited game adaption of Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer’s sci-fi novel? Or, y’know, maybe it’s Sony teasing a sequel to a beloved IP. Could Crash Bandicoot be about to get his Ellen Ripley on?

While the purple-tinged planet somewhat reminds us of the Destiny logo, Bungie’s online shooter is multi-platform, even if it did close out Sony’s E3 conference. We suspect this image could be the start of a campaign for a new PS4 IP. Here’s hoping. Now, does anyone know how to piece an internet back together?

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