New GTA 5 info – use biker gangs to escape the Los Santos fuzz

New GTA 5 info posted on Gamestop’s Facebook suggests you’ll be able to use the presence of motor cycle gangs as a distraction to get away from the cops.

GTA 5 on PS3

Liberty City’s Lost Motorcycle Club seems to have upped sticks from Rockstar’s Rotten Apple and relocated to Los Santos, with Gamestop claiming they’re “making moves in Blane County”. Rockstar has previously suggested characters from GTA 4 could make a cameo in GTA 5, so keep those peepers peeled for one Johnny Klebitz, lead character from GTA 4 DLC The Lost & The Damned.

Apparently, some of these biker gang members will be more in scrapping with cops than each other, which will then give you a chance to escape if you’re being pursued by the LCPD.

Hurry up, 17 September.

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