One button to rule them all – Devs talk up PS4′s Share button

Share Button

Offering a window into effortless, elegant multimedia sharing and social functionality, the PS4′s Share button has just about everyone talking. From Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer to Tim Schefer we asked some of PlayStation’s biggest names about the possibilities PS4’s fully integrated sharing functionality could bring – and here are the best of their comments. Whether it’s sharing a juicy segment of gameplay footage of that boss you’ve just nerfed into oblivion or sending your own hilarious screenshots to mates, Sony’s next-gen baby promises to be the most sociable console ever.


“Really being integrated into social networks and empowering your community to do a lot more with the platform is a really exciting prospect. Sony is providing the tools for you, built into the system, reducing that barrier of entry for recording YouTube videos or whatever.”

Arne Meyer Community strategist, Naughty Dog


“I think sharing is going to be big. We’ll see a lot of games that will have a lot of sharing components and drop-in connecting with friends in interesting ways.”

Ricardo Bare Lead designer, Arkane Studios



“It’s really different from anything else, so obviously that puts a new wrinkle on things. With the pad we’ve had different interfaces in other ways, with PS Move and other things, but the Share button is very unique.”

Matthew Berger Senior level designer, Blizzard Entertainment



“People want to share in a community around games, like when you’re on PS4 and you can see what your friend is playing. Being able to share things and talk about them, it lets your fans evangelise your games for you, which is a great step.”

Tim Schafer Founder, Double Fine Productions



Integration of social layering I think is a massive importance. I think that it’s an importance in the same way that any kind of user generated component to the online experience is important. That’s an area of the game – this is where honestly there’s the biggest room for growth for us, because it’s unexplored territory for a lot of us.

Patrick Redding game director, Splinter Cell: Blacklist