Outlast PS4 gameplay – it’s basically “Found Footage Horror Movie: The Game”

Outlast on PS4 is one of the more interesting games heading our way. No guns, no clever tricks, just a camera with night vision and an asylum full of crazy men. Here’s 10 minutes of gameplay showing off its survival horror chops.

Outlast PS4 gameplay

The studio behind it, Red Barrels, is formed of Ubi and Naughty Dog vets who have games like Splinter Cell and Uncharted to their name so it’s safe to say there are some skills there. The game follows a journalist called Miles Upshur, who breaks into a Colorado asylum called Mount Massive after the Murkoff Corporation reopens it for ‘research’. It’s real minimalist survival horror as well with no weapons and ‘running away’ the main option.

Thanks VG247.