Beyond’s David Cage: “I like to be divisive. It means you’re doing something meaningful”

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French quote machine David Cage has admitted he prefers to cause a stir, “because it means you’re doing something meaningful.” He explains that while games can be just “fun and adrenaline,” for him they should, “say something,” and, “maybe change you, even a tiny bit”.

David Cage: “I like to be divisive”

Speaking at E3 Cage said, “in some ways I like to be divisive, because it means that you’re doing something meaningful”. According to him not causing a fuss means you’re not trying hard enough. “When everybody agrees that what you do is great then you think ‘okay, maybe I missed something because I gave people what they expected’ and then, I mean, what’s the point?”

For Cage, the drive to rattle cages is all about questioning what games are and what they can do. “For me, the key question is: what do we want games to be? Are they just toys, are they just entertainment, and all you want is fun and adrenaline? That’s fine, I respect that. There’s nothing wrong with that”. However, Cage adds, “Or do we think that games can be a little bit more than that? That they could say something, actually?”

On the subject of meaningful games he refers to other forms of media: “There are films or books that really changed me in one way or another. But with games, it seems that most are just about having a good moment, having fun and that’s it, and then you turn off your console and you forget about that”. Games, he thinks, shouldn’t be so disposable and are capable of invoking a response beyond high scores. ”They can tell you something, like the best films or books, they can maybe change you, even a tiny bit; change who you are, what you think or how you see the world. Can they leave just an imprint in your mind so by the time you turn off your console you still think? They leave something in you? I hope that there will be more and more games that will have something to say and become a little bit more meaningful”.

“I wish more games had the courage to
talk about more subversive topics - about
politics, sexuality, human relationships”

In the case of PS3‘s Beyond: Two Souls Cage hopes it will provoke thought because it’s, “the journey through the life of someone”. That means, “you have to talk about love, you need to talk about death, you have to talk about what it’s like to grow, what it’s like to be different, what it’s like to accept yourself as you are.” It’s something he thinks makes Beyond quite different to the usual DualShock fodder, “Games are quite shy at talking about different things, most are about facing hordes of monsters or saving the world or whatever”. He goes on to point out: “few games actually talk about the real world, about real people, about their relationship, their emotions, their feelings, and I wish that there were more games having the courage to talk about more subversive topics. Talking about politics, sexuality, human relationships”.

These themes and issues arise with Beyond’s star Jodie, “because you’ll [have] known her since she was a kid, you have been with her in the difficult moments of her life and you will know what she went through and how she became who she is. I would like, by the time you turn off your console, that you really miss her. [She's] someone really close to you, a really close friend that you know by heart and that you really miss when you’re done”.

I wonder if he’s played The Last Of Us yet?

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