PS4 release date November 13th say Euro retailers

PS4 release date

Two European retailers are promising a PS4 release date of November 13th. Media Markt and both quote the date, while another source says received Sony promo material saying the same.

PS4 release date November 13th say Euro retailers

Interestingly all the dates come from Dutch retailers and one post says, “it’s the official release date that Sony gave the retailer” with another adding, “one mod at posted last week that he received promo material from Sony with the 13-11 release date. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll have to launch on that date, but at least it’s not a date fabricated by stores and this date comes directly from Sony NL”.

Of course we’re talking about posts on a forum here so you take as much salt as you want with it. However games like Assassin’s Creed 4 have mentioned PS4 release dates before while a recent appearance by Watch Dogs on Jimmy Kimmel apparently mentioned a Nov 21st date.