Knack PS4 trailer – Sony’s platformer’s aiming for a younger audience

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Here’s a trailer for Knack, the first PS4 game ever revealed. It’s also one of three PS4 launch games along with DriveClub and Killzone Shadow Fall. Sorry Knack, but I am all about the Killzones.

Knack PS4 trailer

You can see more Knack PS4 gameplay in this presentation with Mark ‘he made the PS4′ Cerny, who’s also the game’s director. I got a lot of feedback last time I said it was more for kids so to clarify: I don’t have anything against kid’s games but I do think the level of challenge and interaction here is just a little too basic to keep most older people entertained. That doesn’t mean I think it’s bad, just not for grown ups. Joel also played it at E3 and wasn’t overly impressed. Keep an eye out for today’s PS4 o’clock for more on that as I’ll be speaking to Joel about his time spent with the PS4, the new pad and the games.

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