Call Of Duty: Ghosts next-gen AI held up by lack of “finished hardware” says Mark Rubin

Call Of Duty Ghosts E3 screens

Speaking at E3, Call Of Duty Ghosts’ executive producer Mark Rubin has said next-gen AI is progressing “Slower than some of the graphics, to be honest, just because we don’t have final hardware yet”. As a result he says the team has had to be, “a little more cautious on some of that”.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts AI progressing “slower than graphics”

“Obviously we are in crazy early development and we will have to see how the consoles play out” says Rubin, but adds, “we have made some cool improvements on AI. Most of it has to do with some of the cinematic values”. According to Ghosts exec prod, most of the changes so far revolve around “situational AI” rather than the traditional COD combat which even he describes as “I’m shooting at a bunch of guys and a bunch of guys are shooting at me”.

Call Of Duty Ghosts
Executive producer Mark Rubin

So instead enemy AI will currently react to “situations”, either environmental changes or even COD’s newest star. “They might behave differently to the dog,” says Rubin. “Or behave a little differently compared to the events that are happening in the level. They take some of the environment cues and pay attention to them. A lot of times they just kind of ignore the environment, they are just like ‘Ok this guy is supposed to be here I’m shooting, but the building is falling all over me… No, I’m still shooting you’. So sort of doing stuff like that”.

“It is subtle, really subtle,” according to Rubin who goes on to point out that, “AI in general is one of those things [where] the subtle things are often easy to notice when it is bad”. Overal, though, he thinks the series has clearly progressed mentioning, “compare Call Of Duty 2 to future games”. With Ghosts he’s confident: “We are making big strides”, but admits the next-gen AI push won’t happen until, “we actually get the hardware. We need some hardware, some finished hardware, before we can really expand”.

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