Dying Light PS4 screens – the game everyone’s called Mirror’s Edge with zombies

Honestly, they really are. When I first heard PS4′s Dying Light called “Mirror’s Edge with zombies” I thought it was the work of a wishful thinking PR, but our own dep ed Joel called it just that when he returned from E3.

Dying Light PS4 screens

The game’s due out ‘Q1 2014′ and describes itself as, “a first-person, action survival horror game set in a vast and dangerous open world”. The set up sees you as a highly mobile scavenger running around gathering supplies and making your own weapons during the day. At night more dangerous creatures come out and you have to use what you’ve collected to try and see it through until morning. It sounds good on paper but it is by Techland, the studio behind Dead Island which wasn’t exactly a storming success technically. It had it’s charms (I finished the first one) but it wasn’t quite triple ‘A’ material. Let’s see what they can do on PS4.