Watch the Final Fantasy XV E3 announcement & combat trailers for fabulous hair, impossibly pretty gameplay

Here’s the Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII) E3 announcement trailer. This is what over seven years of development looks like: blockbuster set-pieces, action-RPG combat and production values to shame a superhero movie.

Final Fantasy XV combat gameplay


And here’s a generous wad of footage that delves a bit deeper into combat. Hang on, nobody’s taking turns! Where’s the collection of coloured bars taking up quarter of the screen? Sacriledge!

It appears FInal Fantasy XV continues to furrow the path started by Lightning Returns, in that your scraps play out more like an action game. Watching that real-time environmental damage, the old-school FFVIII enemies and the top-tier animation, an absence of turn-based systems doesn’t seem like much of a deal-breaker though.