‘Free’ PS Plus edition of DriveClub is “the full game”

Ben Gouldstone, senior designer on DriveClub, has revealed that the free edition of the game that comes with PS Plus on PS4 is, “the full game”.

‘Free’ PS Plus edition of DriveClub is “the full game”

Obviously ‘free’ is relative term considering you’re paying for a PS Plus subscription but as Sony has confirmed you’ll need a PS Plus subscription to play online on PS4, this sort of thing can only sweeten the deal.

“The way we’re looking at it is we want to deliver the greatest community based game we can. So, being tied in with having the PS Plus edition allows us to deliver that content bang on day one with DriveClub,” explains Gouldstone. “It’s not going to be trimmed down in terms of features, the only thing that’s going to be reigned in is the amount of content delivered in the PS Plus edition. But in terms of the feature set it’s the full game. It’s Drive Club, you get it with PS Plus”.

So there you go. While you might have to pay to play online now Sony are giving away games. And good one’s too.

ThanksĀ AverageGamer