New Watch Dogs PS4 gameplay – live demo shows off driving and new hacking methods

Ubisoft revealed new Watch Dogs PS4 gameplay at Sony’s E3 press conference. A new live ten minute demo showed Aiden Pearce teaming up with a pal named T-Bone to hack into a mainframe.

Watch Dogs on PS4

The demo starts with Aiden driving through the streets of Chicago, storms and rain dynamically changing as he goes.

Pearce then follows a target through a coffee shop, before hacking into a webcam to check on T-Bone’s progress (his pal seems to be tinkering with a motherboard).

Shady security folk then start trailing T-Bone. Aiden views them by hacking into security cams. He uses this view to help his mate sneak by the guards (think Morpheus assisting Neo escape the Agents in his office from The Matrix). After a brief shootout, T-Bone then escapes in a car, while Aiden has to peg it from the police. The screen cuts away to show one of the devs fiddling with the police patrols using a tablet (confirming second screen support).

Next, Aiden avoids being nicked by police by shorting out all the street lamps in an area. He then uses his slow motion powers to shoot some pigs, before escaping in a power boat.In short, it looked brilliant. Watch Dogs is easily one of the most exciting games on PS4 so far.