Destiny E3 2013 gameplay trailer reveals MMOre of Bungie’s master plan

Take a peek at the new Destiny trailer. There’s grass swaying ever so gently in the breeze, the prettiest skeleton in a burned out car we’ve ever seen, a host of many-armed, heavily-armoured enemies from around the galaxy and even some actual combat.

Destiny PS4 gameplay trailer

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Bungie’s hugely ambitious online open world shooter Destiny (how could we forget the time Activision sent us Jungle Book 2 with a Destiny bookmark in it?) but it’s the most illustrative footage of what the game might actually be like to play.

There’s MMO-like combat – a group of guardians teaming up against a giant enemy boss, and one player who even has magical projectiles.

But Desinty isn’t an MMO, as Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg took pains to explain at the reveal earlier this year. An MMO usually requires a montly subscription, and Destiny does not. Just buy the boxed copy and you’re away.