Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 gameplay – new video shows off open world. Snake meets Red Dead!

The latest E3 footage for Metal Gear Solid 5 is live showing the incredible open world gameplay – and also confirms the game is coming to next-gen consoles (i.e. PS4). It really is astonishing. All that talk of photorealism? Watch it now and see what you think.

Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 gameplay video

The footage shows Snake riding through the Afghanistan desert and promises ‘a new breed of stealth’, showing Snake hiding by leaning over the side of his horse. The footage is incredible. You’ll think you’re watching a super pretty version of Red Dead Redemption at first, such is the scale of MGS5′s new desert world.

Other features mentioned include real time weather (you’ll see sand storms and such), different modes of transport (jeeps, and APCs appear along side the horse). The video also promises “Tactical Espionage redefined” and “unparalleled strategic freedom”. Something apparently created by the huge open areas and “realistic passage of time”. Dynamic CQC is also on display as Snake grapples with a soldier, steals his gun and uses it to shoot a couple of enemies.

You were also given a quick glimpse of the cast, some of who we assume will be bosses. Here’s a quick recap of those announced so far…

Punished Snake ‘A Fallen Legend’ – Hideo Kojima really seems to be playing up the tragedy with Big Boss this time. The game will span a nine-year period in Snake’s life (although most of this will seemingly be covered in a coma). Expect MGS5 to reveal more of the motivations that turn him into the maniacal leader of Outer Heaven debuted in the very first Metal Gear before the series went solid on PlayStation. And no, we can’t get used to Kiefer Sutherland yet.

Ocelot ‘A Rival living a Lie’ – Everyone’s favourite wonderfully camp Ruskie shooter returns. Shalashaska now appears much closer to his MGS1/MGS2 look than the fresh-faced soldier we saw in Snake Eater.

Master Miller ‘A Visionary robbed of his Future’ – Kaz returns from MGS: Peace Walker. We already know his ultimate fate, as he gets knocked off (and subsequently imitated) by Liquid Snake shortly before the events of MGS1.

Quiet ‘A Sniper deprived of her Words’ – The whole long-range marksman thang obviously draws parallels with Sniper Wolf, but the name suggests a warrior who draws on a singular emotion/attribute during battle (similiar to Snake Eater’s Cobra Unit). Bet on her being a boss.

Eli ‘A Youth who Curses his Fate’ – Notice the scar, then compare with the kid who appeared caged during the original Ground Zeroes video…

As our learned readers suggest, Eli could actually be two different Snakes in their youth; Solid (left) and Liquid (right)

They appear to be one and the same. If that scar is anything to go by, it suggests the gameplay seen in the Ground Zeroes trailer takes place before the desert segment. Later on in the MGS5 gameplay video we also see Snake giving what appears to be diamond shards to child soldiers locked in cages. Kojima previously mentioned wanting to tackle taboos in the game, and ‘child soldiers’ would certainly tick that box. It’s a theme MGS has always been interested in, with Raiden also growing up a kid soldier.

Ghost Face ‘A Ghost without a Past’ – Another familiar face from the Ground Zeroes trailer. There, the mysterious scarred man appeared horribly burned, but in this new MGS5 gameplay footage, he appears to be wearing a skull mask to hide his deformity. Dollars to donuts he’s the main villain of the piece.

Emmerich ‘A Technocrat who Stands his Ground’ – Almost certainly Dr Huey Emmerich (aka Otacon’s dad). Expect him to cry a bit… and possibly piss his pants while cowering in a locker.

Code Talker ‘A Wise Man denied his Homeland’ – Next-gen sure does love its old man tech. Seeing as this codger’s appearance was quickly followed by glimpses of spectral versions of Psycho Mantis and Volgin, it seems fair to guess this chap could well have power over the dead.

Other brief thoughts? The tagline of ‘Tactical Espionage Operations’ seems to be a natural evolution of the former series mantra ‘Tactical Espionage Action’. Operations points to a larger scale and varying locations, as Kojima has already promised.

The desert footage also heavily hints that MGS5 is Project Ogre (the mysterious entity Kojima has previously tweeted shots of that now appears to have been a test run for Konami’s Fox Engine)…

Note the near identical crouched poses, tank designs and the fact both dudes are rocking dodgy ponytails.


So Metal Gear Solid 5 clearly looks ruddy incredible. Snake meets Red Dead? You certainly can’t fault Kojima Productions’ ambitions.