The best games of 2013 – every 8/10+ in Official PlayStation Magazine UK so far this year


Sine Mora, (PSN)

8/10, issue 79, p115

In this excellent PSN side-scrolling shooter time is whittled away from an on-screen countdown when you’re hit. If that strikes zero: dead o’clock. You have to be constantly on the attack to win precious extra seconds by annihilating enemies. You’re given the ability to temporarily slow down foes providing both ample opportunity to admire the game’s vibrant art design and, more importantly, weave elegantly through walls of gunfire. Bosses are absolute belters, too. Each one is animated with exquisite expression, like torpedoing an underwater behemoth that looks like an aircraft carrier-sized Big Daddy, chasing a ghostly freight train or battling a scuttling arachnid in a giant wind turbine. Biting the big one carries a heavy price because of the sparse (and savage) checkpoint placement. Still, despite difficulty spikes occasionally diluting the fun, Sine Mora remains a supremely confident blaster that’s delicious like a midnight Domino’s.