The Last Of Us was nearly spoiled… by Naughty Dog. Dev almost accidentally leaked game early through forgotten Uncharted 3 Easter egg

Ruh-roh. Talk about a self-imposed bullet to the head dodged. Turns out, Naughty Dog almost accidentally leaked The Last Of Us early when the studio forgot to remove an incriminating Easter egg from Uncharted 3.

The Last Of Us on PS3

The upcoming apocalypse adventure was revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards on 11 December, 2011. However, Naughty Dog accidentally dropped a Joel and Ellie-shaped hint in Uncharted 3 a month earlier, with a newspaper in the opening bar brawl reading: ‘Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus”. This obviously references the global pandemic that causes the creation of the Infected in The Last Of Us.

“We should have taken it out. We screwed up”

As game directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley recently revealed in an interview with Kotaku, Naughty Dog had actually meant to remove the cheeky clue from Uncharted 3, but simply forget it was there.

“Yeah. We forgot about it. We should have taken it out. We screwed up,” Druckmann tells Kotaku.

“These games are so big, right? They’re several hours long. Every single pixel has to be touched. Every animation is created from hand. It’s overwhelming,” adds Straley. “You can’t look over every detail. So this one little thing in the background, nobody’s thinking about that.”

Though the Easter egg was quickly spotted and posted on NeoGaf, most gamers wrote off Naughty Dog’s involvement with The Last Of Us, thinking the developer as a one game studio. No harm done, then. Team Nate’s role with the gtitle was successfully kept secret until it was unveiled at the VGAs.

Look out for our Last Of Us PS3 review in the coming weeks ahead of the game’s 14 June release date.

Thanks: Kotaku