Mirror’s Edge 2 – page on EA site suggests Faith free-running sequel could be announced soon

Further evidence has piled up that EA could finally be set to announce Mirror’s Edge 2. DICE’s beloved parkour-flavoured platformer has become somewhat of a cult critical darling since its release in late 2008, and now a new help centre page on EA’s website suggests a sequel could soon be announced.

Mirror’s Edge 2

A NeoGaf forumite by the name of ekim found the teasing page, which has subsequently been pulled. Thankfully, he showed some nous by capturing a screen grab of the Mirror’s Edge 2 page…

This is yet another indicator that a Faith free-running sequel is on the cards. Back in 2011, EA’s senior vice president Patrick Soderlund stated work was underway on a new Mirror’s Edge game. This was followed by several DICE employees posting CVs last year that hinted the studio was working on Mirror’s Edge 2.

The dream? EA reveals Mirror’s Edge 2 on PS4 at E3… featuring bits where your parkour up the side of futuristic space dinosaurs. OK, maybe not that last detail.

Thanks: CVG