New inFamous Second Son screens – next gen superheroing making smoking cool again

Okay, you’re going to have to work with me here: these definitely aren’t the inFamous Second Son screens that have been all over the internet for the last week. Got it? These are all new screens that no one can shout at me for reporting on.

New inFamous Second Son screens

Here’s the previously released inFamous Second Son info:

The new game features a 24-year-old Native American hero called Delsin Rowe, described as, “the artistic type with a chip on his soldier”. In this new Seattle-based installment conduits are classified as bioterrorists, detained and tracked by security forces called the DUP. There seems to be a heavy air of paranoia with security levels impinging on everyone’s freedom. There’ talk of “elevated walkways with search-lights and security cameras as well as checkpoints and scanners” and “parallels to post-9/11 America”. Some of the DUP soldiers appear to have abilities themselves and are able to move at supernatural speeds or shield against powers.

Delsin gains his powers after trying to help people injured in a crash that involves a conduit transport vehicle. This unlocks his latent ability to absorb smoke and his powers include bullet-like smoke projectiles, a teleporting smoke dash (X-Men’s Nightcrawler is mentioned for reference). This smoke ability needs to be recharged with sources like chimneys, car fires and smoke grenades mentioned. Delsin also has a chain as a whip and shares Cole’s old climbing ability. It’s also mentioned that he can absorb other conduits’ powers suggesting the range of abilities might open up as you progress instead of being limited to smoke.

Seattle is filled with DUP bases that can be taken out; either by force or more stealthily by disabling security systems. It looks like there’s a morality system again as well with Delsin being given the option to kill or spare a guard.