A Saint’s Row 4 dev explains why a super powered president is, “the right level of absurdity”

saints row 4 screens

Saints Row 4 has you playing the president of the United States… who has superpowers… during an alien invasion. Okaaay. While it sounds Volition’s sandbox series has simply waved goodbye to that single lingering strand of sanity. Then again as the game’s design director Scott Phillips points out: “When you think about it, a politician’s job isn’t exactly that exciting”.

Saint’s Row 4′s super president is “right level of absurdity”

So how do you sex up Mr 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s daily tasks? Why, give him the ability to jump the height of a skyscraper, fly and run faster than Jessica Ennis strapped to a rocket sled. “It seemed like the right level of absurdity for our game,” reveals Phillips. From leader of the Saints to Leader Of The Free World – who can freeze extraterrestrial evildoers with his ice powers. Yup, ‘absurd’ is the word we’d plump for, too.

After you’ve levelled a city block with a politician who’s harder than Superman in Kevlar undercrackers, Saints Row IV’s alien invasion doesn’t seem particularly out there. Said invaders are called the Zen, a race of hideous galactic ne’er-do-wells who’re also imbued with mutant juju. Phillips admits that plonking aliens into the series was a byproduct of making your presidential hero damn near indestructible. “You can pick up a tank and throw it, which makes it challenging to create human enemies who can meaningfully fight you.”

Saints Row 4Perhaps we could also interest sir/madam in something in the way of a dashing line of insane-o weapons? We think you’ll look extremely chic rocking the Inflate-O-Ray, a gun that blows up folks’ craniums until they pop like brain-filled balloons. Alternatively, if you want to be less homicidal, you can simply make every living thing on screen bust a groove courtesy of the Dubstep Gun. Even less fanciful weapons can be turned into rocket-firing guitar cases (don’t ask) thanks to the game’s extensive gun customisation.

Phillips describes Saints Row 4 as a “great guilty pleasure sort of game”. And from what we’ve seen so far, we agree. Hitting shops on 20 August, a month before GTA 5, Rockstar’s carjacking trio could face some stiff – if unhinged – competition thanks to the most badass prez this side of Solidus Snake.