PS4′s first glimpse – console reveal due June 11th 1am GMT at E3

[Update: here are all the individual PS4 shots showing the console's form.]

Sony has released a teasey, flashing trailer with a distant square box and snatched images of grills, corners and big 4. Somewhere in all that jumble of flash frames is the PS4‘s final console form.

PS4 console reveal due June 11th 1pm GMT

Just to throw you off the scent there’s a few bits of the new controller in there and some sort of circular grill that really doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. I’ll get all the shots out once I’ve gone through it frame by frame and well see if we can’t piece it all together.

The full reveal is due June 10th at 6pm PDT which will make it 1am June 11th over here.

There’s more info here.