Guerilla dev: Killzone Shadow Fall will explore who the Helghast really are

Speaking exclusively with OPM UK, Killzone Shadow Fall’s game director Steven ter Heide explained that the PS4 shooter will explain more about the Helghast mythology than in any previous game.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4: The Helghast uncovered

“Everyone,” says ter Heide, referring to Killzone’s fanbase, “was always talking about what the Helghast are like, what the world is like, the cultural and social aspects.” They’re an enigmatic bunch alright. What do we really know of them, other than that they love breathing apparatus and advanced weaponry as much as they despise puny humans?

This game’s higher fidelity and increased character count is “a good opportunity” to finally explore that in detail, continues ter Heide.

“We were able to do more characters, to up the fidelity and all that, to really play with those elements and say what can we do? What can we take from that background to make an interesting setting. So that’s why we introduce a new conflict and a new situation.”

It sounds like a win-win for Guerrilla Games – fan service for the veterans, and a more complete background lore for anyone just passing by who’s drawn in by the next-gen visuals.

ter Heide and executive producer Angie Smets had plenty more to say to us about Killzone Shadow Fall, as well as helping to develop the PS4 and its new Dual Shock, in issue 84 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale now.