GTA 5: 9 things you need to know – all the PS3 info & details explained

It’s big


Make that really big. Want some hard facts? Rockstar has confirmed an open world with a land mass 3.5 times the size of that seen in Red Dead Redemption, which makes good on the developer’s claim that Grand Theft Auto V is bigger than its western masterpiece, San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4 combined. But the sheer scale of GTA 5’s playground – split into two distinct areas; the city of Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County – isn’t what we’re most excited about. With densely-packed urban sprawls, yawning stretches of countryside, golden beaches, vast mountains, rivers, oceans and desert scrub, Grand Theft Auto 5 is shaping up to be the most varied sandbox ever committed to Blu-ray. Expect a sophisticated eco-system too, complete with region specific wildlife, a day/night cycle and a dynamic weather system. Like we said – big.