Watch Dogs on PS4: Devs hint at mobile play and seamless multiplayer

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The Watch Dog developers have been talking up PS4 features and have mentioned players being able to play cross platform. They also talk about multiplayer being integrated into single player so you’ll be, “surprised when you meet other players”.

Watchdogs: cross platform play and seamless multiplayer?

The info comes form a new developer diary video. Senior producer Dominic Guay says, “The game is connected in many ways. We wanted the player to connect to Watch Dogs, even through his mobile, and be able to play directly with people on PS3, on PS4″. It’s more likely you’ll be able to access elements of the game rather than play the full version on a phone or tablet. Possibly something to do with the player names we’ve seen floating above cameras in previous footage.

Guay also hints at how the multiplayer works, talking about a seamless integration of single player and online components so that gamers will be, “surprised when he meets other players. We want him to go from single player to multiplier without having to through lobbie, game setting and menus”.

Obviously from all the ‘he’ and ‘him’s Guay isn’t expecting any girls to play the game.