PS4 game coming from Thomas Was Alone’s Mike Bithell. Controller has something “not seen in images online”

Thomas Was Alone PS3 Vita

A series of Tweets from Thomas Was Alone’s creator Mike Bithell suggest his ‘Project 2″ will be coming to PS4. He’s also had a go on the new controller saying, “they’ve done something aesthetically I’m not sure I’ve seen which I love”.

Mike Bithell working on PS4 game

Here are the tweets in question where Mike talks about showing the game to Sony and the “something aesthetically” that Sony have done to the new controller.





The PS4 placing of the game was backed up by senior business development manager Shahid Ahmad. He’s the man who signed most of PS3 current indie line up (including Thomas Was Alone, Lone Survivor, Hotline Miami, Luftrausers, Velocity Ultra more). He tweeted things like this:



The two of them then spent the next couple of hours trying to diffuse all the raging internet rumour mongering at the mention of the Oculus Rift that Mike brought with him.

So anyway, basically: Mike Bithell is working on a new game, it’s probably coming to PS4 and the pad’s got something we haven’t seen yet, possibly just a cosmetic thing.