PlayStation’s worst employers. Forget EA, these are the videogames jobs you want to avoid


The Joker, Batman: Arkham series

Sure, people talk about the economy being in a bad way, with their graphs and fancy-pants news graphics, but surely the clearest indicator that Gotham is still in the grip of the global recession is that the Joker’s crew of clown-faced goons are still dragging in recruits by the hundred. What sort of career expectations do the hapless thugs in Batman Arkham City really have? Best case scenario: you get killed by the Joker as part of a grisly punchline to some pun you’re too stupid to understand. Worst case: you get beaten into unconsciousness then hung from a lamp post by the Batman. And then killed by the Joker. It’s like a school leavers programme as authored by Michael Gove and Ricky Hatton, with costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier. We’d stick to being a barista.