New The Last Of Us trailer outline Joel / Ellie special edition contents

Two new The Last Of Us trailers have been released showing the contents of the separate Joel and Ellie special editions. As well as the game, DLC and other bits shared between the two there are extras unique to each character.

The Last Of Us special edition contents

The individual boxes star the character of your choosing and then contains a range of shared and Joel/Ellie specific extras. Here’s what you get in both editions:

  • Canvas wrap
  • XMB wallpaper
  • Game soundtrack
  • Survival Pack DLC
  • The Last Of Us mini art book
  • The Last Of Us comic

Then these are unique to each character:

  • Poster
  • DualShock controller skin
  • LittleBigPlant coustume
The Last Of Us release date was delayed at the start of the year from May to June 14th worldwide. According to Naughty Dog that was to ”ensure every detail of The Last of Us was up to Naughty Dog’s internal high standards”.
Thanks EU Blog.