49 new GTA 5 screens lifted from the trailers for closer inspection

[Update: there are even more new GTA 5 screens here.]

In case you missed it a new three-part GTA 5 trailer arrived today and filled in more background on the main characters. We’ve been through the lot to pick out some of the finer details.

49 new GTA 5 screens

I’ll get a more investigative GTA 5 analysis up later but for now look through these screens and see what you can dig out. There’s the hugely increased fidelity of the face animation for one thing. Then there’s a far more natural implementation of the body physics engine, Euphoria, in action. Not to mention some great looking missions (less of the ‘drive here, shoot dude, drive back’ stuff from GTA 4) Finally Trevor looks insane but Michael’s my favorite so far.