Call Of Duty Ghosts for PS3 outed by Tesco. December 2013 release date & packshot. The end for Modern Warfare?

call of Duty Ghosts

[Update: Call Of Duty: Ghosts' release date appears to be November 5th 2013.]

Ghosts will be the next COD from Infinity Ward according to a product page posted as Tesco of all places. It’s listed for PS3 with a December release date.

Call Of Duty Ghosts for PS3, December 2013 release date

Here’s an image of the original listing because it’s going to get nuked as soon as someone realises. The full pack shot is below as well. Modern Warfare 4 had supposedly been outed by Captain Prices’s voice actor Bill Murray, although that was later denied by Activision. This will be a touch harder to hide.

call of Duty Ghosts ps3