Playstation’s best origin stories – from small beginnings, and occasionally test tubes, here’s how some of the greats got started


Jack – Bioshock

We’re going to warn you, this bit contains spoilers for the original Bioshock. However, if you’ve never played Bioshock then we don’t want to know you. So, you play as Jack, plunged into the underwater objectivist dystopian utopia, Rapture. The kick comes way towards the end of the game, when you discover that you’re essentially a test-tube kid with rapidly enhanced growth, who obeys any request  with the words “would you kindly” – the phrase used by your companion throughout Rapture, Atlas. Then, Andrew Ryan, Rapture’s founder, uses the code phrase to have you kill him, using his famous words “a man chooses, a slave obeys.” Atlas then turns out to be dastardly bad guy Frank Fontaine, and everything gets hectic. Bioshock has a lot to say about video game design, but Jack’s origin story is one of the best.