PlayStation Access: Hitman leads May’s PS Plus line-up. Instant Game Collection also gets Velocity Ultra, Sine Mora, Catherine

Sony has announced the line-up for May’s Instant Game Collection, and the theme seems to be ‘really bloody hard’.

The headline titles available to download free for PlayStation Plus subscribers are Hitman: Absolution – as revealed last week – and lunatic platform puzzler Catherine, which is about infidelity, nightmares, and, well, sheep.

Then comes the hard stuff. 3D brawler Malicious for PS3 is basically just a series of five diamond-hard boss battles fought against the clock, and both of May’s PS Vita games are old-school scrolling shooters – Sine Mora and the teleport madness of Velocity Ultra.

Here’s a summary of when these games are arriving and what’s making way, and a video from PlayStation Access so you can see all the games in action.

Entering PS Plus in May:

  • 1st May: Hitman Absolution
  • 1st May: Catherine
  • 1st May: Malicious
  • 8th May: Sine Mora
  • 15th May: Velocity Ultra

Leaving PS Plus in May:

  • 1st May: Okami HD
  • 1st May: F1 Race Stars
  • 1st May: Quantum Conundrum
  • 8th May: Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward
  • 22nd May: Thomas Was Alone